Multi-Hop HF Electromagnetic Wave Reflection Model Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm

Mingzhe Huang, Hao Wu, Wen Luo


The research of dynamic sea level electromagnetic reflection and it’s in rough three-dimensional medium has important theoretical significance and broad application prospect in the fields of ocean microwave remote sensing, radar guidance and interception, target recognition and feature extraction. In order to study the multi-hop propagation of HF radio waves on the ocean surface, this paper fully considers the whole process of signal loss caused by multi-hop propagation of high-frequency radio waves in the ocean. The model of ocean signal reflection loss is established by Fresnel reflection coefficient and three-dimensional ocean wave PM spectrum modeling, and the roughness correction coefficient is used to apply the model to the turbulent ocean. By genetic algorithm based on classical nonlinear optimization to solve the model, the maximum number of hops without distortion signal is obtained, which has the advantage of ensuring excellent global search ability and greatly improving the local search ability of the algorithm.


Multi-hop radio waves, ocean signal reflection, multivariate optimization, improved genetic algorithm


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