Simulation Calculation of Reducing Ammonia Escape Rate by Optimizing the Nozzle and Controlling the Unit of Ammonia Grille

Changfu Ding, Xuyang Li


This article through the introduction of the principle of SCR denitration technology and characteristics of the work, the denitration process generating mechanism and harm of ammonium hydrogen sulfate an overview on the denitration technology. Then built based on a real power plant using Gambit software, the simulation model, the initial simulation for by fluent software. After explaining the nozzle structure and layout of the ammonia injection grid structure type, classify and compare, choose the optimal model of innovation, modified by dividing four grid as a set of control unit to adjust the volume of different spraying ammonia, obtains the relatively optimal value, according to the different results for further model transformation. Finally, further optimize the structure of guide plate, guide plate can be external regulation is adopted to improve the optimization, through the monitoring of export spraying ammonia adjust inertia, achieve the goal of control export rate of ammonia escape finally reform. Will eventually model for simulation calculation, get the results compared with the original model calculation results, get conclusion through reform to reduce the rate of ammonia escape, in order to achieve the goal of more energy conservation and environmental protection.


Selective Catalytic Reduction Of Out Of Stock;Ammonia Escape Rate; Ammonium Hydrogen Sulfate; Unitized Control; Simulation Calculation


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