Research on Intelligent Fueling Gun and Remote Meter Reading Technology Based on NB-IoT Communication

Lin Du


The consumer rights and interests have been damaged and even legal disputes have never stopped because of the quality of the oil at the gas station and the lack of fuel during the refueling of the vehicle. In addition to the fueling staff factor, the main means of fraud is false display data and modification of the tanker program. In response to the various fraudulent links of gas station refueling, we reconstructed the traditional refueling gun based on NB-IoT communication technology, placed the NB-IoT communication module in the refueling gun, and collected the real refueling data directly from the refueling gun. The data from all gas stations are brought together to form a fueling big data platform. This technology not only solves the problem of integrity of gas stations, but also provides big data analysis and decision-making services for end users, and provides resource allocation services for gas stations. The paper specifically describes the combination of the fueling gun and NB-IoT communication technology, the setting of communication data interface between tanker and monitoring PC, acquisition of fueling data, and technology for connecting fuel guns to the internet of things.


Fueling Gun; Gas Station; Nb-Iot; Internet of Things; Communication Interface


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