A Routing Protocol Based on Link Quality and Hop Count inWireless Sensor Networks

Panpan Dong, Bencan Gong, Dong Ren, Peng Chen


In wireless sensor networks, data transmission quality and energy efficiency are closely related to link quality indicator. In order to improve the performance of Multipath Routing protocol, this paper proposes a LqiRings Routing protocol based on link quality and hops between nodes. In the routing discovery stage, LqiRings Routing does not take hops as the only factor in routing decision-making, but considers hops and link quality as two factors, and determines the optimal path by adjusting the weights between them. The LqiRings Routing protocol, Multipath Routing protocol and Hop Counts Routing protocol are simulated and analyzed in Castalia simulator. The experimental results show that the LqiRings Routing protocol proposed in this paper has higher packet delivery rate and lower average energy consumption under the same environment.


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