Research and Implementation of Tunnel Lighting Intelligent Control System Based on ZIGBEE Wireless Technology

Huamei Zhou, Zhiqiang Meng, Duanfeng Li, Huaan Zhou


Aiming at the complicated wiring and serious energy waste of common tunnel lighting, an intelligent lighting control system is elaborated. Main controller of the system uses a fuzzy algorithm to calculate the required value of brightness. The system adopts ZIGBEE wireless network technology to realize the function of intelligent dimming, switching lamp and automatically detecting and positioning lamp fault. To meet energy-saving and intelligence, the overall design plan from the main controller to the coordinator and then to the wireless node (including router and terminal controller) is expounded. The wireless network technology and the designs of hardware and software for coordinator and wireless node are described, and the communication protocol between the coordinator and the main controller was designed. The actual operation results of the 5 tunnels in Hunan indicate that the system can meet the requirements of tunnel lighting and ensure the safety of traffic. Compared with traditional tunnel lighting, the system can save 55% energy.


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