Research and Application of an Underwater Detection Robot with Three Level Control Mode of ROV/ARV/AUV

Hongkun Zhou, Fan Yang, Wenhui Wang, Tianwei Wang, Chao Yan


In this paper, an underwater detection robot with the three-level control mode of ROV/ARV/AUV is proposed, aiming at the safety measurement of complex hydraulic structures such as long-distance water conveyance tunnel of pumped storage power station. In normal operation, the power supply and control of the underwater robot body is completed by the surface equipment through the umbilical cable (ROV mode).When the cable is wound, the robot releases the cable box, which is powered by a battery. The surface operator controls the robot through the built-in fiber optics of robot (ARV mode). Extremely, the optical fiber connection is interrupted, the robot will automatically return to initial position according to the guidance sonar (AUV mode). Finally, the control function tests and the independent return-to-navigation reliability verification are carried out in the real hydropower plant environment.


Underwater Robots; Autonomous Return; Pumped Storage Power Station; Guided Sonar; The Water Conveyance Tunnel


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