Automatic Control for Fluorite Floatation Process

Ying Song, Jinhua Wang, Xiangming Hu, Huorong Jin, Jincheng Zhou


According to the conditions of the low level of automation and low laboratory productivity, an automatic control system for flotation process was designed and developed innovator based on the SIEMENS S7 PLC series software and hardware. The structure and function of the control system are introduced carefully. The control strategies of the pulp level the air flow-rate and the flotation reagent feeding are described in detail. The control software and human-machine interface are designed and developed. The actual industrial application results show that the control system operates steadily, safely and reliably, the worker labor intensities are decreased obviously, and the work condition is improved the competitiveness of the enterprise is enhanced. The method can automatically adjust the reagent feeding when the work-condition varies, so that the technical indexes can be controlled within their target ranges. The successful application has shown that the proposed method has practical significance and high potential of being further applied in optimal control of mineral industry.


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