Theoretical Research on the Construction of Credit System in ElectricityMarket

Jingyi Shang, Wei Wu, Guangyu Qin, Meiling Liang, Jiahao Liang, Yankai Zhu


The time for credit management in China is not long. In 2007, China clearly proposed to improve the credit construction of various industries, the power industry response policy requirements, and put forward credit evaluation standards and reward and punishment mechanisms. In 2016, with the promulgation of Circular No. 9 of the power system reform, the power market reform was intensified, and the credit risk of the power market was further aggravated. But so far, the credit risk management system of the power industry is still not perfect, and there are various problems in related literature research. In order to solve the problems existing in the credit evaluation system of the power industry today, and to better cope with the credit risk challenge brought by the power reform, this paper will combine the brainstorming method and the Delphi method to propose the multi-agent credit index evaluation system based on credit analysis of power sale enterprises, power generation enterprises and large users, then adopt the analytic hierarchy process to set weights for the three-level indicators of different subjects, and construct a new credit market evaluation index system. Finally, some suggestions are put forward for perfecting and popularizing the credit system of electric power market.


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