Magnetooptics of Pr3+ Ions in Trigonal Ca-Gallogermanate Magnetooptics of Pr3+ Ions in Trigonal Ca-Gallogermanate Ca3Ga2Ge4O14

Mariya M. Malysheva, Uygun V. Valiev, Vasiliy O. Pelenovich, Dejun Fu


Experimental investigation of magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) at the temperatures 90K and 300Kwas carried out in the visible region in disordered trigonal Ca-gallogermanates Сa3Ga2Ge4O14 doped with small concentration (5 at.%) of Pr3+ rare-earth (RE) ions. The spectral dependences of MCD (magnetic dichroism) spectra were measured within 400-500 nm. It was found that the squares of MCD bands increased in magnitude with decreasing temperature. The MCD bands belong to the forbidden (in parity) 4f4f transitions 3Н4→3P2 (λ = 450 nm) and 3Н4→3P1 (λ = 475 nm) and the results undoubtedly indicated the existence of the so-called "paramagnetic" contribution (C-term of MCD in Сa3Ga2Ge4:Pr3+. From the spectral dependence of MCD in the 3Н4→3P2 transition we conclude that the so-called “diamagnetic” contribution (A-term) to MCD is not so small. We have determined the “paramagnetic” constants С for the transitions to the 3P2 and 3P1 multiplets in accordance to the formula of the temperature dependence of zero moment (or square) of MCD bands at λ = 450nm and 475 nm.


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