Prediction Model of Investment Scale for Electricity Transmission and Distribution Companies Under New Round of Power System Reform

Zhengjia Zhu, Zhixiong Liu


To improve the accuracy of the investment scale prediction of electricity transmission and distribution companies in comprehensive plan management, and improve the efficiency of resource allocation for investment income improvement. This paper constructs an improved investment scale indicator system for electricity transmission and distribution companies, and uses the combination of subjective and objective weights and the gray cluster trigonometric evaluation model for weight assignment and comprehensive evaluation. The comprehensive evaluation value and investment are calculated. The scale correlation analysis and the investment scale measurement model are used to test the model by using the estimated standard error test method. Finally, a transmission and distribution company located in a city of northern China is selected as the research subject. The results show that the investment scale index system of electricity transmission and distribution companies constructed in this paper can comprehensively reflect the investment ability of electricity transmission and distribution companies; the investment scale prediction model can directly reflect the total investment of these companies, and predict the investment scale, which provides complete calculation for these companies.


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