Research on the Development of Artificial Intelligence in China

Jiangxin He, Pingping Zhang


The development and progress of artificial intelligence (AI) has greatly changed people’s ways of production and life. At this stage, the rise of all kinds of terminal products and industry due to artificial intelligence rapid rise, it promotes the development of the country, social and individuals, but at the same time, as a result of artificial intelligence in benefiting the nation, society and individual human beings, the lack of critical thinking has caused many in the formulation of laws and regulations, employment and ethical issues. Take one-dimensional people, Marcuse profoundly pointed out the absence of critical thinking and the rule of science and technology on state, society and individual. Whether the artificial intelligence can bring people benefits and convenience while correctly applying critical thinking to deal with the crisis caused by it becomes the key factor for the artificial intelligence to continue to better benefit mankind.


Marcuse; Critical Thinking; Artificial Intelligence


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