The Quality Analysis and Optimum of Key process Based on Minitab

Zhanfeng Wang, Jianbo Wang, Wenbao Dai, Xueyun Ding, Baoguo Yin


The quality control of weapons and equipment manufacturing enterprises is not only the foundation of development, but also the life guarantee of equipment users, and it is also a key element for combat effectiveness improvement. Aiming at the problems of high computational requirements and lack of intuitiveness in the application of SPC technology, based on the analysis of SPC principles and methods, this paper designs the SPC process and method based on minitab software, and focuses on the quality characteristics of key processes of a certain type of product. According to the analysis, the process and method proposed in the paper are feasible. The calculation results based on minitab are scientific and credible. After the process optimization is implemented by causal analysis method, the process capability index Cp can reach 1.41, compared with 0.90 before optimization, the ability to be significantly improved, combined with the control chart analysis tool, can further determine the controlled state of the production process. The results show that the quality control and quality analysis of the production process based on minitab is very necessary and feasible for distinguishing the random fluctuations and abnormal fluctuations of product quality, and providing early warning and corrective measures for abnormal conditions, which make the production process in a controlled state.


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