Optimization of Electro-Galvanizing Processes Based on Taguchi Method

Zhanfeng Wang, Jianbo Wang, Wenbao Dai, Dushu Li, Pengfei Wang


The thickness of the plating layer of the part is an important index to evaluate the plating quality, and the thickness of the film is affected by many factors, which leads to the uncertain relationship between these influencing factors and the thickness of the film; the electroplating operation based on experience or semi-empirical methods It is difficult to obtain optimal and stable process parameters, resulting in low product yield. In view of the above problems, this paper takes the low qualified rate of galvanized parts as the starting point, and uses the thickness of the film as the quality characteristic. Based on the analysis of the controllable factors affecting the thickness of the film based on the causal map analysis method, the minitab software platform is used to utilize the Taguchi test. The design method is used to study the influence degree of each influencing factor on the film thickness, analyze the optimal process parameters, and verify the quality of the parts under the optimized process based on the optimization results. The results show that the qualified rate of electroplated parts can be increased from 70% to 88% without changing the process conditions and using the optimized process parameters.


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