Wavelet Transform and Fractal in Resolving Spectra Peaks to Analyze FT-IR Spectrum Data of Lubricating Oils

Jing Li, Hongxiang Tian, Tingfeng Ming, Yunling Sun, Shuai Zhang


Aiming at the problem of difficult identification of Fourier infrared spectrum waveform information, wavelet transform and fractal box dimension are used to process data and get fractal dimension curve. Multiple peaks can be obtained by analyzing the curve. Two groups of lubricating oil samples with water content of 0.10%, 0.22%, 0.44% and 0.88% respectively and with ethylene glycol content of 0.10%, 0.22%, 0.44% and 0.88% respectively. For the above two groups of oil samples, the corresponding relation between peak position and contaminate ratio can be obtained, and a new method based on FT-IR prediction of contaminate ratio is feasible.


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