Analysis of Teenagers Suicide in the Context of Technological Age

Jiangxin He, Yifan Wang


Teenagers are the future of our times, the qualified builders of great cause and reliable successors of the Party and the country’s future. In recent years, however, the phenomenon of youth suicide has become more and more common, and it has become a serious social problem, even endangering the prosperity and the decline of the future cause of the Party and our country. The phenomenon of the teenagers suicide clearly affects everyone nerve in many families, schools and societies, but sadly, there is no one can do about it. So, what causes youth suicide? How to prevent it? Generally speaking, those immature teenagers will lose their reason when facing a lot of difficulties or strain. Clearly, these are only explicit causes and deep ones need to be identified. According to Heidegger’s analysis of the nature of technology, it is not difficult to find that the influence and control of technology as “Ge-Stell” on people is the hidden factor of adolescent suicide. The combination of dominant and recessive factors can eradicate teenagers’ suicide.


Technology Age; Teenagers; Suicide; The Reason


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