Research of MVC System Application in Philanthropic Aged Service Time Banking

Shuliang Zhao, Xiaolong Yang, Rumin Lv, Ruifang Zhao, Yiyun Cui, Yuhui Li, Ziyi Zhao


This research focus on the philanthropic aged service model with information technology in order to promote the development of the philanthropic model. This paper analyzes the specific requirements of Time banking, the advantages of architecture and J2EE platform from the technical point of view, completes the design of the system, and implements the management information system based on WEB based on MVC mode. This paper puts forward the construction of a comprehensive philanthropic mutual-aid endowment management system—Time banking to solve the problem of implementing the philanthropic mutual-aid endowment model, and discusses the functions, characteristics and functions of philanthropic endowment Time bankin


Philanthropic Aged Service, Time Banking, Mvc System


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