Design of Remote Acquisition System for Debris Flow Data Based on STM32

Li Li, Lin Xue, Xiaoqi Zhang, Peifeng Ji, Pengxiao Teng, Hesong Huang


Manual monitoring of debris flow is now widely used with the limitations of time-consuming, hardworking and poor reliability. To avoid these shortcomings, a remote automatic debris flow monitoring system based on STM32 is proposed. Adopting modular design, the system takes STM32 as the control core, uses AD8275 to adjust the acquisition signal, and chooses the high precision A/D converter ADS1256 to convert analog to 24bit digital signal which will be transmitted to remote control terminal via the 3G wireless communication network. Finally, the UM220 GPS module is used to correct time and monitor multiple network devices. Test result shows that the system, with high stability and a strong popularization value can achieve sampling accuracy of 0.1%.


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