Study on Remaining Life of Pressure Vessel Containing Through Crack Based on FAD Failure Path

Zhihui Mao, Wei Long, Huaguo Liu, Xin Xu, Van Thanh Hoang


Aiming at the safety evaluation of pressure vessels with through cracks, based on the simulation of the safe decay path of penetrating cracks, a calculation method for predicting the remaining life of buried cracks is proposed. A safe attenuation path trajectory for the simulation of through crack defects on FAD is obtained by using the fracture ratio and load ratio calculation formula for a given crack size increment, Then the digital integral method is used to solve the remaining trajectory line segment of the safe attenuation path, and the calculation model of the penetration safety margin is established. And using the weight function and the step-by-step integration method, combined with the Paris formula to solve the defect stress intensity factor and the number of fatigue cycles.


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