Development and Application of Fuzzy PID in AGV Control System

Mengyuan Wei, Jiying Ren, Lihong Zhang, Jun Zhou, Panling Huang, Lei Li


Automatic guided vehicle (AGV) is widely used in the field of logistics and transportation. It is a kind of automatic transportation equipment which realizes automatic navigation by means of optical, electromagnetic and other navigation technologies. The motor vehicle control system of AGV is its own brain, and the fuzzy PID control algorithm is an excellent algorithm based on the traditional PID algorithm for self-tuning PID parameters and applied to the vehicle motion control system. Based on the application of AGV at home and abroad, this paper expounds the principle of fuzzy PID control, and analyzes the structure change from PID to fuzzy PID algorithm. Comparing the application of PID and fuzzy PID, it is found that fuzzy PID has more application value and popularization in the control system. Finally, the application of fuzzy PID control algorithm in AGV control system is summarized. The results show that fuzzy PID control algorithm has good application in AGV nonlinear control problem.


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