Research on a Contingency Screening Method for Reliability Evaluation Based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Decision

Ye He, Xiaosong Zou, Nan Li, Xiaoyue Chen, Yujie Ding, Wei Xiong


With power grid expansion, the structure becomes more and more complex. And the enumerated fault combinations that used analytic method grows exponentially, which can easily cause “dimensional disasters”. In engineering practice, the method of intercepting fault combination is usually used to evaluate power grid reliability. But the computation efficiency is low. On the basis of fuzzy theory, this paper proposes a fault combination screening index which includes fault rate, power flow transfer entropy and power flow distribution entropy. The second order anticipated contingency screening and ranking have been realized by intuitionistic fuzzy decision. The simulation verification is carried out on IEEE RBTS and IEEE RTS79 system. The results show that the computation efficiency is improved by adjusting the screening threshold. With the accuracy of computation guaranteed at same time, the effectiveness of the proposed method is verified.


Power Transmission Systems; Reliability Evaluation; Anticipated Contingency Sets; Intuitionistic Fuzzy Decision


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