Image-based Pantograph Slide Wear Detection System

Lihua Zhang, Tengfei Jiang, Jingjing Li, Song Wu


In order to realize the on-line detection of the pantograph slide wear when the locomotive is put into storage, the technology of the pantograph wear detection based on FPGA is proposed. Using the high-speed features of FPGA algorithm processing, the image processing algorithm is integrated into hardware description language to accelerate image processing. Firstly, the pantograph is captured by the detecting device to obtain the target image of the pantograph; Then, the image is denoised and enhanced by the steps of mean filtering and histogram equalization in the pantograph image; Third, combined with wavelet denoising and adaptive Canny edge detection, the edge of the pantograph is detected and the lower edge of the skateboard is calibrated by Hough transform, and the wear value of the skateboard is calculated. The experimental results show that the image-based pantograph wear detection method can effectively detect the edge of the skateboard and obtain the maximum wear of the skateboard, and realize the on-line detection of the pantograph slide.


Pantograph; Wear Detection; Image Processing; Adaptive Canny; Fpga


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