Framework Design of Precision Management System for Mountain Orchard Based on RFID/Zigbee Technology

Yaxi Jiang, Yifeng Yang, Meng Jiang, Jianjun Zhang,


In order to meet the needs of precise management of mountain orchards in southern China, an orchard management system based on Zigbee/RFID technology was designed. This system consists of three parts: data acquisition and transmission subsystem, intelligent orchard management information subsystem, application terminal subsystem, and will achieve multifunction precise management of the orchard such as accurate positioning of fruit trees, collection & detection of orchard environmental information, agricultural information management, intelligent decision of orchard management, orchard production and process traceability etc. The system can organically link PCs with the orchard management agencies, managers, consumers, constantly share the big data, and promote the epoch-making upgradation of the fruit industry.


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