An Intent Recognize Based on Petri Nets

Huayun Liu, Lin Zhang


Intent recognition is an important problem to address in order to enhance the capabilities of battlefield surveillance systems. It is concerned with finding a priori defined template that possibly are instantiated in the present flow of battle events. Intent recognition requires that many sub problems are solved. For instance, we need to establish which actions are interesting, how to represent these actions, and inferable events and states that can be used for representing them. In this paper we discuss current research efforts and goals concerning template-based intent recognition. We provide a categorization of approaches for intent recognition together with a formalization of the template-based intent recognition problem. We discuss this formalization in the light of an air-ground striking scenario. Finally, we conclude that intent recognition is an important problem to look into for enhancing the overall situation awareness of decision makers.


Intent Recognition, Petri Net, Template-Based, Situation Awareness


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