Application of Information Technology in Comprehensive Reform of Agricultural Water Price in Irrigation District

Min Liu, Shimei Lan


This paper has carried out the research on the application of information technology in the comprehensive reform of agricultural water price of irrigation district. Firstly, we have analyzed of the demand system, put forward the structure scheme and information system. Secondly, we have researched on the flow measurement of open channel technology, automatic gate lifting control technology, video monitoring technology, automatic irrigation and soil moisture monitoring control technology based on RF IC card water fee management technology. The software development environment was Visual Studio2015, and the structured methods are adapted to designing databases. Finally, we have completed the system management software design, RF IC card control software, it can be suitable for the comprehensive reform of agricultural water price in large and medium-sized irrigation areas, effectively enhancing the intelligent level of irrigation water management in irrigation area.


Information technology; Comprehensive reform of agricultural water price in irrigation area; System design and Application


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