Design and Implementation of Fire Equipment Dynamic Management System Coupling Model

Ao Gao, Wenhui Dong, Fang Xu


Aiming at the present situation of fire equipment management, this paper intends to establish a dynamic management system for fire equipment, and uses objectoriented technology to model the system. It analyzes the work flow and business requirements of the dynamic management system for fire equipment in detail, designs the function realization method of the system, and displays the effect of system function realization and the image description and elimination. The system mainly realizes seven function modules: equipment account management, inspection and maintenance management, equipment maintenance management, spare parts management, warehouse management, query and statistics management and system management. By applying the system, without adding management workload, the system, standardization and meticulous management of firefighting equipment is realized. The work efficiency is greatly improved and the efficiency of firefighting equipment is improved.


Firefighting equipment; dynamic management; equipment ledger; management system


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