Association of Self-rated Health Status and Perceived Risk Among Chinese Elderly Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Rong NIE, Zhen-Zhen WANG, Jing MAO


To explore the status of perceptions of general health and future risk, and their association among Chinese elderly patients with type 2 diabetes. A descriptive cross-sectional survey was used. Totally, 142 hospitalized patients aged 60 and over with type 2 diabetes were recruited from two local general hospitals. The data on their basic information, self-rated health, and risk perception for diabetes-related complications were collected by questionnaires and/or from medical records. Among the participants, 80.2% indicated that their general health was poor or fair, and only 2.1% reported very good health. Low perception of risk for diabetes complications was observed, which was incongruent with the physiologic indexes of risk. In multiple regression analysis, self-rated health had a small but significant impact on one’s perceived future risk. A better self-rate general health status was associated with a lower level of risk perception. Accordingly, it is important to develop appropriate health education programs by addressing risk factors and risk status to heighten their perceived risk for diabetes complications in this group of people.


Self-rated Health, Risk Perception, Type 2 Diabetes, Elderly People


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