Construction of Practical Courses f or Nursing Undergraduate Nursing Students

Wen- Jing SUN, Xiu- Feng ZHAO, Yu- Jin LIU


To explore the method and effect of the construction of nursing undergraduate nursing practice course. The nursing undergraduate of nursing school practice teaching in the course of construction and in theory cou rse increased introduces Japanese support basic technical knowledge and wellbeing concept and Taiwan nursing philosophy teaching; geriatric nursing practice class hours and in practice in the class by situational teaching method, organize students to volu nteer to homes for the elderly field visits; in course assessment increase part of practical evaluation. To study the course of the 88 undergraduate course assessment, in practice before and after the use of the attitude of the elderly questionnaire for st udents to investigate. The learning course 84.1% of student achievement is well above levels, the attitude score for the elderly is higher than that of the learning before (P < 0.05), after learning of undergraduate nursing students on elderly care courses are interested by 78.41% increased to 92.05%, take care of the wishes of the elderly by 71.59% to 88.64% (P < 0.05). The construction of nursing undergraduate nursing courses can effectively improve the learning interest of nursing students, improve stude nts' attitude to the elderly, and improve the students' willingness to take care of the elderly.


Education, Nursing, Elderly Nursing, Curriculum Construction Practice


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