Androgen Receptor Expressed in Three Types of Testicular Cells and Played an Important Role in Reproductive System

Xiao-Yan WANG, Peng YE, Chang-Jun ZHANG, Kai DENG


Aims: To investigate the expression and distribution of Androgen Receptor in all kinds of testicular tissue cells, as well as its effect to reproductive system. Methods: Using immunofluorescence method to detect the mice testicular tissue after the paraffin section and then find out AR expression and distribution in testis cells. By constructing Ar knockout mice and observing its reproductive system phenotype to identify how AR affect the reproductive system. Results: AR have a strong signal in Sertoli cells, Peritubul myoid cells and Leydig cells but without any specific signal in Germ cells. Ar knockout mice changed penis position compared to control and the distance of its perineum became shorter, just seems like fake clitoris. The testicular volume of Ar knockout mice was significantly smaller and the cell species, distribution and proportion within the seminiferous tubules changed significantly. Conclusion: AR expressed in testis Sertoli cells, Peritubul myoid cells and Leydig cells except in germ cells. Ar knockout mice appeared feminization of male and its sperm was blocked during the early phase of the first meiosis.


Androgen Receptor, Ar Knockout, Feminization of Male


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