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Preliminary Study for Implementing Head Trauma Risk Assessment into Ballistic Helmets Test Procedures



The importance of studies on behind helmet head trauma is unquestionable and knowledge gained in such research should be consequently used in developing new armour designs and test standards. Current test standards most often measure only two parameters: penetration and backface deformation. The study was therefore performed in an attempt to summarise the state-of-art insight in order to conceive a relatively simple methodology to assess the performance of ballistic helmets in preventing head trauma. The aim was to develop a reliable test methodology, that could be easily adapted in ballistic helmet test standards. The intracranial pressure change was chosen as the measurand. Tests conducted were partially successful. Only one trial resulted in recording proper pressure rise, but the signal registered had clear and significant pulse indicating injury risk. Further analysis of results was made, considering state-of-art knowledge. Also, assumptions were made for future, more accurate research.


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