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Capability to Absorb Projectile Kinetic Energy by Structures Made in Additive Manufacturing Technology



The paper presents the methodology of designing and testing of energy-absorbing cellular structures made with the use of Additive Manufacturing methods, whose elementary cells are made of struts forming a regular lattice structure. Due to their properties such structures are ideal for use in energy-absorbing structures. As a part of the study, lattice structures (316L stainless steel) in the mesoscale with elementary cells of BCC-Z type were analyzed. Before the tensile tests, non-destructive tests were carried out: photos of the surface with the scanning microscope, photos of cross-sections by means of a computer tomography. Digital Image Correlation method were used for stress-strain curves determination. After obtaining material data, 316L steel specimens of lattice structures with dimensions of 100×100×100 mm and elementary cells of BCC-Z were designed on the basis of numerical simulations. The specimens were subjected to quasi-static and dynamic tests (impact of projectile) and energy absorption capabilities were determined.


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