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The Analysis of the Possibility of the Use of Composites Panels with Graphene as Protective Layers



The article presents the use of graphene in form of sheets with dimensions of 90×100 mm in multilayer composite panels manufacturing. The panels have been made from the carbonepoxy prepregs material with the use of out of autoclave technology. The results of ultrasonic non-destructive tests of composite panels with and without graphene were presented. Performing the tests in accordance with ASTM procedure, the impact resistance of composite panels with and without graphene was determined. Additionally, the article presents the results of residual compressive strength after the impact test of carbon-epoxy composites with and without graphene with the compression speed of 0.005 mm/s. From the analysis of the images taken during the impact test, the energy dissipation during the time of experiment was determined by measuring of the length of crack propagation. On the basis of the own investigation of graphene protection panels and the studies presented in the literature, possible future applications within this field were presented.


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