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Determination of the Iso-Damage Curve of Different Types of Components against Blast Wave



The strength of components against blast waves has been studied largely especially in the case of the nuclear blast. These works show that the damage is well defined by the pressure level and the recovery time of assemblies or sub-assemblies. In the frame of this work, we studied the effect of an explosive charge on different types of components. The reaction of an explosive charge in a ship breeds a propagating shock wave whose effects can induce severe damages on the different components set inside corridors and rooms. We seeked to determinate the damage level bred on different types of components by the detonation of an explosive charge inside a closed volume. Using the Johnson’s rule, we can establish the iso-damage curve for every type of components. The results show that the mass and the dimensions of the components have the main influence on the behavior of the component against the explosive loading.


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