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The Characteristics of Man-Rifle Interaction in the Entire Process of Rifle Fire



The current researches on characteristics of man-rifle interaction focus on the shooting process after firing without considering the laying stage before firing and the restoring stage after firing. To further understand the characteristics of man-rifle interaction in the entire process of rifle laying and firing, this research comprehensively tests the entire process of standing firing without support. Also the research proposes a comprehensive test method of man-rifle interaction experiment based on 3D motion capture and plantar measurement. This research divides the entire process of rifle fire into three stages of laying, shooting and restoring in action sequence. The result shows that, during the laying stage before firing, the stability of shooter’s holding rifle is affected by the place of holding, the weight of rifle and so on, which is presented by slight shaking. Shooter’s control over rifle in the Y (horizontal) direction is obviously weaker than that in the X (shooting) and Z (vertical) direction. The stability during this stage has a great influence on the accuracy of first firing; During the firing stage, the period of 3-round burst is less than 300ms,so that human is in a passive and adaptive stage. Under the effect of impact among powder gas and firearms-related parts, phenomenons can be seen that: muzzle displacement, plantar pressure center displacement and speed all have a jump increasing along with the number of shooting, which is consistent with the previous researches; And then man-rifle system will back to the laying stage after a restoring stage of about 0.8 seconds under human’s own control, which is influenced by human’s self-adjusting ability. The restoring time is variable and it greatly affects the accuracy of shooting the objective again. This research provides theoretical reference and experimental basis for further revealing the mechanism of man-rifle interaction, optimizing the ergonomics design of rifle and promoting the competence of soldier training and actual combat.


Rifle Fire; Man-rifle Interaction; 3D motion capture; plantar measurement


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