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Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Supercavitating Vehicles Based on Two-Dimensional Bifurcation



To ensure the steady motion of underwater supercavitating vehicles, based on a four-dimensional dynamic model, the complex dynamical behaviors of vehicles are analyzed by using dynamic analysis tools, the conditions and ranges of variable parameters for the stable motion of vehicles are determined by two-dimensional bifurcation method. And the motion of supercavitating vehicles changing with feedback control gain of fin deflection angle and cavitation number is explored. The results indicate that the dynamical behaviors of supercavitating vehicles not only depend on system parameters, but also closely depend on initial conditions of the system. It can be found some novel nonlinear phenomenon in the system, such as transient period, transient chaos and state transitions and so on. Vibrations and shocks can be suppressed effectively by adjusting fin deflection angle reasonably. The researches have an important guiding significance to the stability control of supercavitating vehicles.


transient period; transient chaos; state transitions; supercavitating vehicles.


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