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Modifying Preformed Fragment Dispersion by Form Factor



Preformed fragment warheads have been utilized in many instances as it allows the warhead designer to optimize the fragment size for the specific targets it will be used against. These preformed fragment warheads also have some negative aspects associated with them, including reduced fragment velocity due to less gas checking, as well as potential fragment mass loss due to the thin warhead cases the fragments are typically wrapped around. You can overcome some of the reduced fragment velocity by increasing the diameter of the explosive column (when comparing warheads with a fixed upper mass limit), but bringing the length to diameter ratio closer to one reduces the dispersion of these fragments into the spatial area around the warhead at detonation. This can reduce the probability of hitting your intended target. This effort was undertaken to determine if it was possible to increase the ejection angle of these preformed fragment warheads by modifying the shape of the fragments placed around the warhead case.

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