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Parameter Analyses of Two Dimensional Heat Transfer of Gun Barrel



This paper simulates the 2D heat transfer of gun barrel by using FVM. An interior ballistics code was implemented to FLUENT to provide the convection boundary condition of the inner wall. Temperature, heat flux and heat transfer responses of inner wall at different locations and 2D temperature distributions were given. Effect of some interior ballistics parameters (charge weight, web thickness and force capacity) were discussed. Force capacity of the propellant shows the biggest effect on the heat transfer. When these factors increases by 5%, the increment of the maximum temperature near the origin of the rifling will increases by 2.5%, -2% and 8%, respectively. The exterior water cooling method was also analyzed to show its effect on the temperature responses, temperature distributions and heat transfer. During the 30 rounds, the cooling water took away heat of 2.26MJ/m2, about 21.67% of the total heat transfer of the gun barrel received from the propellant gas during the interior ballistics period.

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