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Gas Generation Rules of 19-Perforation TEGDN Propellants with Different Length/Outside Diameter Ratios and Perforation Diameters



A set of 19-perforation propellants containing triethyleneglycol dinitrate (TEGDN) with different length/outside diameter ratios and perforation diameters was prepared and tested in a closed vessel to investigate their burning progressivity. The influence of length/outside diameter ratios and perforation diameters on the progressive combustion performance is studied through the dynamic vivacity method. With an increasing of the length/outsider diameter, the silvering point occurs earlier and longer and the burning progressivity of surface area can be improved. For propellants with same length/outside diameter ratio, with a decreasing of perforation diameter, the slivering point lags behind and the burning progressivity becomes greater. The silvering point corresponds to the instantaneous burning area which is related to the form function and silvering process. However, the total burning progressivity of propellant is a very comprehensive result of propellant under multiple actions, including the mass fraction of burnt propellant, grain size and burning rate at different pressure regions. The correlation between them can boost a better understanding on the interaction between grain size, silvering burning process and burning progressivity.

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