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Free Flight Tests of a Medium Caliber Ammunition Using an Impulse Thruster: Preliminary Phase



Experimental investigations for the guidance of a mid-caliber spin-stabilized projectile by using a single impulse thruster located at the center of mass will be presented. Free flight tests on a proving ground for modified Bofors projectiles equipped with a single 3N.s pyrotechnic impulse thruster have been performed. To assure the initiation of the impulser during the flight, a complete pyrotechnical chain has been designed including a high safety electro-pyrotechnic detonator and a safety arming device that is compliant with the current safety requirements. It shows very low response time dispersion that is essential for further synchronization of the impulse with the roll position in order to control the deflection direction. Results have shown that projectiles are clearly deflected from their ballistic trajectories when triggering the impulse thruster. Deflection amplitudes observed are reproducible and conform to the expected values.

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