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Guidance on Integrating Matured SHM Systems into UK Military Aircraft



The UK Military Aviation Authority (MAA) became aware of the international efforts of the SAE G-11 SHM technical committee. The Committee’s first work was a published Aerospace Recommended Practice paper for civil transport aircraft. The Committee has planned an international military version of the paper. Since the military requirements can vary between nations, the MAA suggested that a UKspecific paper could take benefit from existing work and provide a good opportunity for peer reviews. Therefore, a Military Aircraft Structural Airworthiness Advisory Group paper, MASAAG Paper 123, was written and included contents covering the UK military perspective. MASAAG Paper 123 provides guidance on best practice processes required to integrate a matured SHM technology/system into UK military aircraft. This paper provides an overview of the UK perspective, which is detailed in MASAAG Paper 123.

doi: 10.12783/SHM2015/337

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