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Developments Towards the Qualification of Two SHM Systems for S-SHM Application



In order to understand the various aspects of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), over the years Embraer has investigated many different SHM technologies. Less complex and less time-consuming procedures – when compared to current NDT technologies – allowed by SHM can not only reduce the amount of time and burden of the inspection tasks, but also minimize the effects of “human-factors” when compared to current inspection procedures. Tests were performed in an E-Jets flight tests aircraft with two different SHM technologies which were considered as promising ones for monitoring structural components. Sensors, cables and connectors of Comparative Vacuum Monitoring (CVM) and Lamb Waves (LW) were installed as part of the developments for the qualification of the two systems. Aircraft scheduled maintenance can take advantage of these systems. Scheduled Structural Health Monitoring (SSHM) application type considers the installation of sensors and cables into the aircraft for periodic scheduled structural inspections, these inspections being performed onground with ground support equipment. Additionally to the installations in an E-Jets flight tests aircraft, Embraer developed Service Bulletins for the installation of the SSHM systems in different areas of an airline’s E-Jets aircraft. Over a fixed period of time, Embraer intends to collect data from the installed S-SHM systems at least four times, aiming to identify if they are operating properly in a normal operating environment. For this qualification program, laboratory tests will also be performed with CVM and LW using structural samples that represent the monitored areas of an aircraft. These lab tests will provide data for generating Probability of Detection (POD) curves for both CVM and LW systems. Embraer representatives will participate in all tests conducted. All the information will be compiled and analyzed by Embraer teams and a data package will be created to provide support for the verification of the SHM solutions as a first step in this qualification effort.

doi: 10.12783/SHM2015/336

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