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Temperature Monitoring of High-speed EMU Equipment Based on Simulation Analysis and FBG Sensors

Y.-C. DING, Z.-M. JI, W.-Z. ZHAO, D.-P. WANG


The running speed of High-speed Electric Multiple Units (EMU) is fast with its long mileage and complex environment. The performance of various devices which located in the sealing equipment cabin is influenced by temperature. It is necessary to carry out temperature monitoring of high speed EMU equipment. Due to the strong electromagnetic interference of high-speed EMU equipment cabin and the large span of the installation location, the traditional sensing technology of electrical signals is extremely vulnerable to electromagnetic interference, poor stability and need a large number of sensors wiring space. The Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensing technology is based on optical signal detection, completely free from electromagnetic interference, and can realize the single line with multipoint distribution sensing. The FBG sensing technology provides a new approach for High-speed EMU equipment temperature monitoring. Firstly, the numerical analysis of temperature field of 350km/h Highspeed EMU equipment cabin is carried out, then the temperature measuring point is determined based on the results of numerical analysis, the temperature data is acquired by SM125 demodulation, the remote control and data download is realized by using 3G communication network. The temperature history of the main EMU heating equipment such as the traction transformer, traction converter are obtained, which provides technical guarantee for safe running of the High-speed EMU.

doi: 10.12783/SHM2015/266

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