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Applications of Structural Health Monitoring on Intelligent High-speed Train



As a key direction for the technology development of Next Generation Highspeed Train, intelligence will be realized in such critical areas as operation and control, safety and train management, maintenance and repair, as well as passenger service. Structural health monitoring technology is an important approach towards the intelligence of train safety, repairing and maintenance. Considering the operational characteristics of the train running at high speed in complex ground environment, a structural health monitoring system is specially developed for highspeed train based on the proven technologies of structural health monitoring in aerospace and energy sectors. This system will play an important role in actualizing the intelligence of structural state monitoring, lifespan assessment and conditionbased maintenance. The research of structural health monitoring technology for highspeed train is focused on vibration monitoring of onboard rotating parts, impact monitoring of running gear, corrosion, crack and flaw monitoring of bearing structure, and temperature distribution monitoring of friction pair structure, etc.. Therefore, monitoring on the service capability of train structure can be performed in a continuous manner, and the impact of structural status and service environment on train safety can be evaluated by updating relevant data periodically.

doi: 10.12783/SHM2015/254

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