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Validation of Finite Element Models of Existing Concrete Dams, Through Monitoring Data



This paper is devoted to present a methodology for validating finite element (FE) models of existing concrete dams. It is performed by comparison between monitoring data and the structural response from the numerical analyses. Some general procedures developed by this research group at Politecnico di Milano on significant case studies and traditional static monitoring systems are herein considered with reference to real case studies: a buttress gravity and arch-gravity dams. Numerical analyses are performed to assess the structural response under the effects of seasonal loading conditions, represented by hydrostatic pressure on the upstreamdownstream dam surfaces and thermal variations in the continuum acquired by the monitoring system. Furthermore, the stiffness effect of the rock foundation and the surface degradation of concrete are crucial aspects to be accounted for an accurate validation of the models and a correct interpretation of the real behavior.

doi: 10.12783/SHM2015/61

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