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Scour Genius: Monitoring Scour Effects on Structures



Scour is a phenomenon that occurs all over the world; it is a major cause of bridge failure and the implications of scouring events are large. Affecting the structural integrity of a bridge, the rate and occurrence of scour must be adequately monitored using up-to-date methods and technologies. This monitoring can help prevent a sudden and catastrophic collapse, potentially saving lives while reducing costs of replacing critical infrastructure. One method of monitoring scour is being implemented in the Tabasco region of Mexico on the Frontera Bridge, which shows advanced stages of deterioration. The system was developed by Advitam in collaboration with Euroestudios and installed during bridge strengthening works performed by Freyssinet Mexico. This paper will present the concept, uses and technical specifications of the new scour monitoring system’s hardware and software as well as practical implementations on the Frontera Bridge in Mexico.

doi: 10.12783/SHM2015/56

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