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SHM-Enriched High Speed Rail Systems

Y.-Q. NI


To keep safe and efficient operations of high speed rail (HSR), a great endeavor is being devoted to developing smarter railways by integrating sensors, information technology, database and predictive modelling tools, aiming at online evaluation of the HSR operational condition and prognosis of breakdown before it occurs. In addition to the on-board instrumentation for rail assets including tracks, trains and pantographs, the sensory system involves monitoring external actions (aerodynamic and earthquake) and detecting obstacles as well. The analytic and predictive modelling tools would be able to tackle the highly heterogeneous data, uncertainties associated with changing operation and interface status, false positives resulting from sensor fault/malfunction, as well as evolutionary updating and self-adapting of data-driven prognostic models in real time or near real time. Such a smart rail technology is anticipated to empower rail operators to sense and respond quickly to irregular operations and to act appropriately once a breakdown is forecasted.

doi: 10.12783/SHM2015/2

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